Mission and

Mission Statement

We help our students develop character, seek knowledge, and contribute to society.


We want to turn out future-ready students, equipping them with the skills that would always be in demand. We would, of course, help our students keep pace with the digital revolution, but we would also focus on helping them develop those competencies that would make the fast learners, so that they quickly adapt to any changing demands in their careers as well as the job market, and above all, we would inculcate those people values in them that would help them in their professional as well as personal life. 

Develop character; Seek Knowledge; Contribute
to Society

Core Values

The core values of Sacred Heart School is understood and shared by every member of the school community. The doctrine of the School is centred around these values, and they have stood as firm pillars of the School since its inception and will always continue to remain so.


We stand up for what we believe and we demonstrate fairness in our judgements and actions. We fulfill promises and commitments, maintain honesty, are respectful to others and foster the same among our students.

We value, respect and appreciate diversity and individuality. We believe in the inherent dignity of all people and most importantly respect different points of views and opinions thereby giving space for healthy conversations.

We instill in our students the courage to think and act independently, to demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills. We also motivate our students to voice their opinions with courage and conviction, without fear.

We set high standards for our students and we guide them to reach the apex of success in all their endeavours. We support and care for those who need help. We encourage our pupil to respect the school rules and stick to it at all times.

We set high standards for our students and we provide quality education. We teach our students that whatever they achieve there is still room for improvement. We teach them to remain dedicated and self-controlled, and seize every opportunity to improve themselves. We teach them to make best use of their talents, time and the resources

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If you look for quality education at an affordable fee, you don’t have to look further than Sacred Heart. For more information about what we have to offer, contact us on the information provided on this page.

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