About Us

   Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Group of Institutions is headquartered in the heart of Chennai’s software industry, Sholinganallur, and is aligned with the zeitgeist of the region. In other words, its teaching methodologies mirror elements that are much valued in the IT industry – innovation and cosmopolitanism. The school has a branch in Nanmangalam, and both institutions offer CBSE and Matriculation streams of education. Irrespective of the stream, teaching  is digital-enhanced, the result of the management’s continual investment in technology-related infrastructure. Both institutions welcome International students, both fee paying and exchange.

The rich and vibrant experiences at Sacred Heart School provide children a well balanced academic and social development. Children are encouraged to prepare themselves to face the various challenges that will be thrown at them when they enter the competitive world. At Sacred Heart we have our curriculum designed to prepare children for worldly challenges and opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

As we create the future citizens of the country known for its hospitality and warmth towards guests and visitors, we at Sacred Heart welcome International students on exchange program as well.


Our Origins and Story

We came to OMR much before the IT industry and we are still in the business of spreading valuable information

A decade ago, most children had their lives charted out by their parents, whereas today the situation has changed and children are given the opportunity to steer their lives according to their own free will. True to its name, ‘Sacred Heart School’ is run by the philosophy ‘discipline and success go hand in hand’. Since its inception in 1988, Sacred Heart School has continued to grow in all directions, encouraging students in academics and extracurricular activities alike. The School has always tried to help and motivate its students to achieve a pinnacle of success and has guided them to find their inner talents.

Our Management

We have a strong management made up of individuals who bring various skills to the table. They include state-level awardees in Education.